The Tenth Annual 40 To Phoenix Ride - 40 To Phoenix 2019!

40 To Phoenix - Departing NC March 25 and arriving in AZ April 2
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What is 40 To Phoenix?

A ride across twelve states, four regions, and two countries!

It's a twelve day ride covering the breadth of the United States, including four regions, twelve states, and two countries. The ride starts in Wilmington, North Carolina and ends in Chula Vista, California with plenty of stops along the way, including a short ride across the U.S. border into Mexico and back. 40 To Phoenix has grown in popularity each year since the first in 2010, when 27 bikes showed up at the Home Office in Phoenix, Arizona while passing through. Since then we've had years with over 250 riders and we're planning on a big group again this year!

Join fellow Members as they cross the U.S. meeting up at set locations and times. Start at the beginning in Wilmington, North Carolina, or join up along the way. You can take the whole 2,700 mile journey or travel with us for just a bit. All are welcome!

See the Itinerary for exact times and locations of meet-ups and special events.

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40 To Phoenix - Map
40 To Phoenix - Map
40 To Phoenix - Map
40 To Phoenix - Map
40 To Phoenix - Map
40 To Phoenix - Map

Make sure you visit 40 To Phoenix on Facebook for more pictures of previous years.

40 To Phoenix Group at the Home Office - 2014


Twelve states, four regions, and two countries.

This map showcases a few of the most popular routes taken by 40 To Phoenix riders last year. Riders may take alternate routes between the group stopping points to see new sites or ride with friends. For more detailed information, including GPS coordinates make sure you join the Facebook Group

40 To Phoenix - Map


Each major stopping point is shown in the itinerary below. If you can't ride along with the main group for the whole trip, then one of these stops may be a great place to meet up. Important dates to remember - The group meets up in Wilmington, NC for a BBQ dinner hosted by Chapter NC-Q at Carolina BBQ; Ride leaves from Wilmington, NC on March 25th; After some fun rides and several stops the group arrives in Phoenix, Arizona on April 2nd; the GWRRA Home Office welcomes 40 to Phoenix the following day on April 3rd with tours, prizes, games, and more. Also, at the end of the journey there is a short trip included from Chula Vista, CA to Mexico and back.

Note: Carolina BBQ is located at 1602 S College RD. Wilmington, NC, 28403

Again, join the Facebook Group or contact the Ride Coordinator, Russ Schaeffer for more detailed information.

40 To Phoenix - Itinerary


The Home Office Visit.

As part of your 13 day journey across the United States the group will visit the GWRRA Home Office on April 3rd. The Home Office visit includes:

  • Guided Tours of the Home Office
  • 50/25/15/10 Drawings
  • Door Prizes
  • Games
  • Seminars
  • Short Scenic Rides
  • Meet Founder Paul Hildebrand and Co-Founder Shirley Stephens- Garcia
  • Lunch Rides

Prize Donations - These are from previous years. 2019 Donations will be posted soon!

Muth Mirror Systems
Goldwing 1800 Sequential Signal Mirror Kit
Griots Garage
Set of 3 Long-Reach Wheel Scrubber Brushes
Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner
Adaptiv Technologies
Gift Certificate for GlowRider Jackett
Cycle 2 Go Care Kits
East Coast Cycle
Half Helmets
Throttle Rocker
Cruise Assists
Cruise Assists
Ride Power USA
Android Cell Phone Chargers for motorcycles
Saber Cycle
Eagle Emblems
Sena Technologies, Inc
Prism Bluetooth Action Camera
Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System
The Engraver
US Engraved Large Sized Maps
Motorcycle Books
Bikers are Animals
Bikers are Animals 4 Book
Helmet Liner, Neck Waremer, and Diva-Do Rag
Air Shammy
Motorcycle Dryer
GW Headset w/Cam Unit
Hats & Tees
Bike Master
Mini Air Compressor
Gift Certificate
Wings of Gold
GL1500 Pins
Diamond Gusset Jeans
Gift Certificate for Defender Jean
Cleaner Bundles


40 To Phoenix uses Facebook!

Make sure you visit the 40 To Phoenix Facebook Page and join the 40 To Phoenix Facebook Closed Group for current information and to get to know the people you'll be riding with! By joining the group you'll have access to detailed information on stop locations, routes, and more, including GPS information.

Although joining the Facebook Group is highly recommended you can contact us directly for information as well.

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